Art Print Hanger Set in Oak (15”)

SKU: AH-Oak15
  • Reminiscent of 1940s classrooms, Brook Isle’s handmade wooden poster hangers were designed to beautifully frame your art prints, scrolls, and pictures with a nod to vintage. Handcrafted from high quality Oak, our hangers come in two standard sizes (Note: the 20” size holds our 18”x24” print, and the 15” size holds our 14”x17” print). Each set includes four ‘sticks’: two to clamp the top of your print and two to clamp the bottom so your art hangs nicely against your wall.

    Neodymium rare earth magnets are embedded into each stick and securely hold your artwork, yet allow you to easily change it out whenever you like. Strung with neutral Hemp twine.

    Carpentry by Imoshen Studios