Brooke Isle is a modern home décor brand with a vintage soul. Our mission is to provide customers with special collections of original, limited edition and well-crafted treasures that express their individuality and creativity.

Rachel Caldwell created Brook Isle in 2019 to offer a line of home décor and accessories based on her unique illustrations of wildlife, botanicals, folk art, objects, and other subject matter. Applying a technique inspired by Victorian etchings to give images a vintage flair, she applies color and unexpected detail to render them with a modern sensibility. The result is an elegant and eclectic collection of products based on superior, original art. 

Brook Isle products are for discerning buyers who have a strong sense of aesthetics and personal style, want to express their individuality and creativity with unique items to use, display, and gift to others, appreciate the nostalgic and role of a vintage look within a contemporary lifestyle, and greatly value originality and quality craftsmanship. 


We are inspired by how art was made over 100 years ago during an era where things were not commonly mass produced–think etchings on metal and detailed pen-and-ink drawings. This was art that took real time and talent to make. Art made with someone's actual hand, not a mouse. Art that was and is stunningly beautiful and not rushed to market. Now take that philosophy—that super authentic art—and put it on beautiful fabrics. This is what the Brook Isle brand is all about. It's about the art. And that we all deserve better. 

And speaking of fabrics . . . A peacock's garden? Festive pineapples? We've gone to great lengths to work with materials that are sublimely soft but also let the artwork stand out and appear as intended.


Rachel, our founder and creative director, spent years lending her illustration talent to top brands all over the globe. Today, she leads all creative aspects of the Brook Isle brand including wood accessory design. Rachel is a 20-year veteran of the fine art and graphic design industries and holds a B.F.A. from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She is also an award-winning children's book illustrator and amateur carpenter.

Rachel brings a love for both the realistic and surrealistic and ushers in a polished, old-world ease with a refined, eclectic approach to color. 


Brook Isle’s in-house artist, Alex Norman, is from the UK. Inspired by traditional etchings, Alex has an adoration for the vibrancy and diversity of nature and its many intricate forms, patterns, and textures. When we met him several years ago, we were stunned at the gorgeous texture and detail in his

works. Alex has been illustrating full time since leaving school at age 16!

We recently asked him to describe his passion for art. Alex said, “As far back as I can remember, art has been the air in my lungs and the voice for my noisy brain. I’m deeply engrossed and besotted with it.” You can see his work across many Brook Isle products including tea towels, blankets, note cards, and art prints. You can also view more of his work on his official website here: alexnormanart.wordpress.com